Rube: The Fourth Generation of Artificial Time, The Real Matrix

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And, in less than two years... almost all at once.

Goodbye "Tennis Ball"...
Goodbye "008 Ball"...
Goodbye "Professor Pratt"...

And, although they are still alive...

Goodbye "Mike Duck"...
Goodbye "Cupid"...

Baby Bond is completely alone in the world... almost overnight.

- M&M, "The Last One"
So far, Professor Pratt and I are the only actual Tin Foil Hat Prophets. I've named a few honorary ones in the last couple of years but don't have the list with me right now, and they don't even know about it so it doesn't really matter. Nikola Tesla is, of course, among the honorary ones.

This Freewill & Determinism thing really is pretty simple, real world scientists ARE eventually going to understand it, and it should at least intrigue them to want to continue the discussion in a serious way to find out exactly what that means and what it can do. At some point, someone will reach the... "I agree with M&M, Steve Cole deserves Nobel Prize for this!" point. When you do, you might want to become a Tin Foil Hat Prophet yourself. The rules are simple, and a pre-empitve defense against Phil!

All you have to do to become a Tin Foil Hat Prophet is to decide to become one... a "Rube Believer". If you are accustomed to being a sceptic, or especially a debunker... Welcome to a whole new world!!!

Tin Foil Hat Prophets do not accept donations, adulation, or followers... or Phil would rip us to shreds!!!

So, I cannot accept any followers... but you are free to become a fully independent Tin Foil Hat Prophet any time you want. You just have to follow the few simple rules.

See what I mean? "Phil Proof!"

The Tin Foil Hat Prophet
That statement is more profound than you can possible imagine.

I mentioned him yesterday as another former SFB Staff member who would be particularly qualified to quickly understand Rube. Anyone who has read my gamasutra blog, the link is in my profile, knows that the SFB Staff is not a typical group of gamers and over the years had a lot of doctors, lawyers, military officers, engineers, scientists, and game designers that were a part of it. It's not anything at all like "groups of kids" who give their opinion to developers today, we were closer to "assistant designers" then that.

Ken Burnside is the game designer for space scientists. You guy's will love him, both his books and his games. He's your guy. He makes the most scientifically accurate commercial games ever made, by far, and doesn't care how few people can figure out how to actually play them. Even if you have no interest in games, most space science types will be fascinated by his books.

The Hot Equations: Thermodynamics and Military SF — Ad ...

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That statement is more profound than you can possible imagine.
There is no "river of time". There is only duration of change. Without measurable change there is no measurable time.

There is a river of "spacetime" as described in; The de Broglie–Bohm theory,
also known as the pilot wave theory, Bohmian mechanics, Bohm's interpretation, and the causal interpretation, is an interpretation of quantum mechanics.
In addition to a wavefunction on the space of all possible configurations, it also postulates an actual configuration that exists even when unobserved.
The evolution over time of the configuration (that is, the positions of all particles or the configuration of all fields) is defined by the wave function by a guiding equation. The evolution of the wave function over time is given by the Schrödinger equation. The theory is named after Louis de Broglie (1892–1987) and David Bohm (1917–1992).–Bohm_theory
Since I played Cygnus X-1... that's kind of the half way point of the story, or "sci-fi mythology" of the PDU. My personal favorite game of the whole thing.

One story arc in "Mission" is that you learn that Arch Angel Hera is "addicted to being in the mortal world", and she cheats to be here more often than she should. She should have only been here three times, but she winds up being with us 7 times... because she cheats, by the rules of the Place she is from, to be here because...

"A Spirit with a Vision is a Dream with a Mission." - The Professor
Like I said, I am also Kathleen Kennedy's dream sci-fi storyteller!


"MeeSo Confused!!!" - Commander Samantha "Spirit Angel" Byrne, GSC Rocinante
"God works in mysterious ways... mysterious ways..."

Arch Angel Hera - "The One Vision"
Pirate Dawn Universe
There is a river of "spacetime" as described in; The de Broglie–Bohm theory,–Bohm_theory

I took the time to read this. I understood about 2/3rds of the words and none of the math.

I mentioned the Double Slit Experiment before. Rube says that the universe is comprised of three “layers”... “Astral, Mortal, and Atomic”. Too me, the “Mortal World” is the map or play area of a board game, or the environment of a computer game. The “Atomic” is, essentially, science. My games don't need the “Atomic”, the “Mortal World” has both covered for me!

The Professor calls it “Heart, Mind & Soul" and, just because it's so cool and intriguing, George Michael says “To the Heart & Mind, ignorance is kind”.

Those things are “put into Rube”. If you look at the structure in one of my original posts you see that the “Active/Passive Map” is in the middle. That's because it is not really a part of Rube, it is the thing you put into Rube for Rube to be the “God” of.

So Rube is mostly just the “Astral”. Time itself, which turns out to ultimately be “universal consciousness" and Rube says that the universe is essentially a “Giant Living Brain”.

“It is what it is...” - James “Mr. Dynamite” Brown, Godfather of Soul of the Pirate Dawn Universe

(He actually outranks Cindy & Suzi in a musical universe... but not Marvin, of course.)
Whenever Rube gets... EXTREME CRAZY... I always just remind myself...

It doesn't matter how crazy it is, because it actually works.

It gets VERY crazy... you won't believe where this ultimately ends, and it makes sense once you are there. In fact it's obvious... the only question is...

Is Rube right? Or is Rube just Rube...

The Tin Foil Hat Prophet
Ok... Sometimes the songs backfire on me, not often. I put that with that post thinking of the beginning lyrics... I don't want to scare anyone with this song. Cindy is the "loving watchmaker" who is "loving us all to death" in the PDU story. This could have been misinterpreted and worried people.

"The Matrix" is practically hell, "The Living Universe" has a happy ending... unbelievable... but happy.

"She said: Tell me, are you a Christian, Child? And I said: Ma'am, I am tonight!!!"

This might actually help real world scientists see and understand Rube... the actual mechanics of Einstein's "Time Dilation".

Rube says that there are two things that can cause this same effect... gravity distorting the impulses/time crystals, or moving faster than the speed of time.

"Go With The Flow of the River of Time"

Time Travel.

Traveling forward in time... Rube agrees with Einstein. "Time Dilation" is the only means of doing that with Rube.

Traveling backwards in time is interesting and unique to Rube. Other than Einstein's "trick of time dilation", Rube says that it is not possible to travel in time. The reason you can't travel backwards in time within Rube is interesting. "The Living Universe". Within Rube, once an impulse (or "Moment of Time Containing Reality", or "Time Crystal") happens, it is "dead". The information it contained is still there... as a "read only impulse". Marvin's personal history book.

The Tin Foil Hat Prophet
And Rube does have an explanation for the “slow motion fighting” in The Matrix movies, it is a real thing within Rube but, like I said, that is near the end when you will have an understanding of Rube for it to make sense too you and for you to “see” it. “Go With The Flow of the River of Time”.

But what I can say now is that it would be completely unnecessary for “Arch Angel Neo” to be fighting the “mortals” like that. I like to use SVC's Klingon Stasis Field Generator rules as the example.

In the same way he stops the bullets, Arch Angel Neo could just “freeze time” for just you... only your timeline... put a 16 ton weight from the Acme Anvil Company over your head, then just turn you back on and watch it fall on you!!!

Arch Angel Neo is just a show off...
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