Rube: The Fourth Generation of Artificial Time, The Real Matrix

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If any SFB players are reading this, they are understanding this part already... "Stasis Field Generator".

The timelines are all in sync with the "Universal Timeline"... the "Metronome" of the universe. So, from the perspective of the victim... had they not just been suddenly and instantly crushed by that 16 ton weight, and lived instead, they would have just missed out on "being there" for those impulses. They would have experienced "missing time".

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Here's one for world class SFB experts to think about. Not "mere mortal" ones, other lifer's like me.

"SFB is not a game, it is a lifestyle choice."

Start thinking of all of the "magic tricks" that can be done within this with the dual concepts of "Free Movement" and "Plotted Movement"... "Magic Tricks of Time"... Keep thinking, you almost can't stop thinking up more magic tricks you could do if you were an "Arch Angel" and had the power of the "Game Controller" while you were, yourself... "In The Game".

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"Time is the abstract mathematical accounting of "duration" of all chronological events in the "history" of the Universe".

All other notions of time are artificial mathematical constructs of human symbolic language for human convenience......:eek:
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Not anymore, Rube is a functioning model of it. Just look at the Impulse Chart, even SVCs is a "Matrix of Time". Isn't it?

I can tell you exactly how "discrete time" functions. The only question is... Is Rube right, or is Rube just Rube?

If you think I've given away the big “Final Revelation” with “Tron Fights For The Users”, think again. This is something you can't help but notice early on... In Tron terms... “Marvin” is a “User”. But, who knows what Marvin actually is other than to say a “Living Entity”. He's almost certainly not “just like us, but on a higher plane of existence"... but he might be. “We are in the wrong Place to understand” life in the Astral or Atomic “Places”.

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In Neil Peart's "re-boot" of Greek Mythology, Zeus & Hades are the God's of Love & Reason.

In the PDU story, Cindy & Suzi are Zeus & Hades "mothers" (kind of), not their "wives".

James "Mr. Dynamite" Brown, of course, outranks everyone except Marvin & the "InfiGod"... Godfather of Soul.

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Arch Angel Hera just can't resist being in the mortal world...

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In the private chat where I already did this once before, without the threat to defect to China of course... Skype has better emojis.

The Tin Foil Hat Prophet is supposed to always have a rainbow smile face beneath his signature, so imagine a rainbow. In the story, "Cygnus The Twelve" is also known as "The Rainbow Spirit"... "All Inclusive".

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EDIT: It just seems to have naturally happened that you've got JFK in this thread and Darth Vader in the UFO thread. There are actually more "online mes" then that, but for now I only seem to need Darth Vader and JFK. "JFK" is really just channeling my father... "90% EFM". "The Republican JFK"...

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As a mythology the PDU asks a lot of moral questions. Rather than preach morality, I decided to always just "ask questions", essentially, and almost never choose an answer to push myself... or it wouldn't be a "mythology". A "mythology" leaves it to you to decide what you would do, or what your answer is.

In the very beginning of the PDU story, the first game and beginning of the sci-fi story which the entire universe is named after, "Pirate Dawn", Cindy is a child star in the early part of the story as the daughter of one of the pilots on "Lunar Base Alpha". She becomes world famous because she is the only child living in space at that point... and "irresistibly adorable". As a teenager she does a poster with the caption "Follow The Dream!!!", and later during the "piracy crises" she becomes famous again in her adult years as Cindy "Fallen Angel" McAllen. "Fallen Angel" is the top ace of the crises, the most feared enforcer in GCC space, and the second most powerful person on Ara after Marvin "The Prophet" Vaith, the founder of Ara colony and the only mortal world incarnation of Marvin. He writes a book of prophecies that is stunningly accurate because I "know the future" of the PDU.

One story arc of Pirate Dawn is a "moral lesson" (where you provide the answer) about fanaticism and both "Prism Eye" and "Fallen Angel" characters tell this story arc. Cindy, by the way, is the most demonized and hated person in their entire society.

"Everybody Hates Cindy!"
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Nothing on the internet is real. I am not even using any technology. I am the same exact person writing in each thread. I could also become "The General" which is a "less aggressive and nukem' till they glow" "Asshole", or two or three other useful personas... like The Tin Foil Hat Prophet Comedian/Philospher (my favorite one to be when I can find someone who wants to hear him... "The Entertainer".)

Nothing on the internet is real. I can trick you all into believing almost anything that I want you to believe about me, who I am, and what I am like in the real world.

In the real world, I am "Casual Kennedy Bond, The Tin Foil Hat Prophet"... not Darth Vader, or even The General.

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And to tease Arch Angel Hera one more time tonight, since I love her so much and I built up too it...

About 2,000 years and 11 games later, at the very beginning of the end of her story, she is on her third “full manifestation” in the mortal world. The ones where she's not cheating and she is actually here herself. She's been Joan of Arc, she's saved the world as the most hated person in society as Cindy “Fallen Angel” McAllen and now, 2,000 years later, at what is literally the end of human history, she is Shadow Ambassador Ashling “Rising Angel” O'Connell in “Fallen Angel Rising”.

The end of the sci-fi story... with two games left to go... ;-)

The advertising trailer movie (once the “PDU MTV Video” got made for it, anyway...) for Fallen Angel Rising...

“Listening to Marvin all night long, this is the sound of my soul!”

...and theme song.

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The plan was for that to be my last post today, but watching it myself as an audience member... it needs Joan of Arc's theme song. From the next game, after the end of human history. After Cindy resets the timline because humanity is going extinct and, well, they've managed to completely mess up the entire galaxy...

You see, they are pretty much the exact opposite of the Federation in Star Trek. They don't have a "Prime Directive". They are "Pesky Meddlers" and, well, it doesn't go very well the first time. To say the least...

So, back to Joan for round two!


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I should mention this in a more public place, now that I am finally allowed to actually speak in public. This happened back when I was talking about Rube in the private chat, and I did this there... but, of course, here more than 10 people will actually hear it, haha.

A little while ago, this happened...

Somebody let Lilly know that she was OVERRULED by the inventor of The Real Matrix. Elon Musk and Ivanka Trump ARE allowed to mention, discuss, or use "The Matrix" in any way, shape, of form that they want.

I don't normally go for these trivial things, and don't believe I have the power to tell people they can't talk about it just because I invented it... but, since she started this...

Furthermore, the inventor of "The Matrix" says that no Leninists, Obamites, or other communists anywhere in the world, with the exception of Maoists because I like the Chinese, may mention, discuss, or use "The Matrix". Don't blame me, blame Lilly. She started it.

Lilli Wachowski has been OVERRULED!!!

Pirate Dawn Universe
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