Sciforums Fleet

Lets just say it is her. I've gotta reconcile some stuff with the other rebels.

In game:

They heard the bangs going off.

"Shit, come with me!" Adder yelled, he yanked Sutori's arm

Sutori and Adder flowed through the crowd like a river running between rocks.

"In here." Adder said

"Where are you going?" Sutori asked

"Here!" Adder said and hurriedly opened a door and pushed Sutori in and closed it.

Sutori caught his breath.

"Tori, holy crap it's you!" he heard Kent say

"Oh dear god, this couldn't get worse" Sutori thought

"Umm, hey guys." Sutori said "Sorry but I have to go." he turned around but Adder was blocking the door.

"Not yet, you've got some questions to answer, starting with who or what the hell you are." captain Rosenthal demanded as she stepped from the shadows.

Its not that he couldn't physically leave this room if he wanted to, but he was chained to the relationships he had made weeks ago. He didn't want to betray them, gods they were the few people that knew who he was and weren't repelled.
Rico was completely out, he had minimal protection with a stun grenade exploding 5 yards from him.

The the girl was in pain, mostly from his hit, even though landed on his side to brace it himself before rolling over her. He was also a 6'6" man that's well over 200 pounds with over 30 pounds of equipment covering a 5'6" 120 pound girl. Plus he's dead weight, being out of it and all.

She struggle to get out underneath him, Spades and Padre helped drag Rico off. Katrina recognized the girl,

"Audrey, what are you doing here?"
In game:

"I'm guessing you want to use Adder's special talents for this interrogation." Sutori said, practically spitting out the last words.

He was sitting in a chair, handcuffed to the arm rests.

"Why not? We all know your quite an accomplished liar, how about we let the past be the speaker here." Kim said

"Fine fine, lets get on with this witch hunt then." Sutori said

"As you wish." Adder said, he breathed in and out and his skin shone silver.

The room melted away into a snow covered valley, Sutori landed with his feet planted in the snow and looked around to see the others, Kent, Adder, Rosenthal, and Kim.

"This again?" Sutori asked, this was the fourth time Adder had yanked him into the dirty past, and each time it started here.

"It starts here because you fear the outcome of others learning this secret moreso then others." Adder said

"How ironic." Kent said "The one thing you fear most is a valley of snow."

"I told you once before it's not the snow, its what's under it that matters." Sutori said

Sutori became distracted when he saw a shadow between the trees for a split second, but it disappeared in a second.

"So what's under it exactly?" Adder said

"Lets rewind about a week." Sutori said

The snow disappeared, in it's place a base appeared.

"We're about 15 minutes early. Adder, north gate, three buildings in and the tent on your left I believe is what your looking for." Sutori said

"Alright, I'll lead the way, Sutori, you follow me." Adder said
"Sir, I advise you take at least one guard with you."

"Fine Tifa, have it your way. Who do you suggest."

Laying in his bunk, sleeping, dreaming about alot of good things, Tiberius was found.

"Hey, bum! Get your butt off of that rack and into your uniform!"

"What? What'd I do now?" He asked, rubbing his eyes.

"You just got volunteered."
"So what's so great about this place then Sutori?" Kent asked

"Nothing special really except for him." Sutori replied, pointing to a man that looked like an older version of Adder.

"Dad?" Adder coughed out "What the hell, what the fuck is he doing here?"

"I'm not holian, I'm human, homosapien if you will, native to Terra, a planet about... well actually I'd rather not tell you guys that yet. But to put it simply, your civilization's plans for imperial expansion encroached onto my planet about a year or so ago. We evacuated everyone, rather then facing a massive defense force the holian fleet found nothing. We left behind five bases around the world to watch it while everyone else was gone. After a month or so of domination these hidden bases activated. This is the beginning of the royal ass kicking we gave you guys." Sutori

"Your full of shit." Adder said

In the distance a popping sound started going off. "What is that?" Adder said

"Mortars!" Kent yelled as the first shells impacted the earth like meteors from the sky, sending man, machine, and dirt flying.
"This is my stop, I'm supposed to meet up with a humanitarian organization" Audrey said with fear in her voice from the shock of everything happening so quickly.

"This planet is not safe for a girl like you," Katrina said putting Rico down beside a wall. She sprayed something in his face and he slowly opened his eyes and regained consciousness, but he can barely move.

"Stay here, you'll be fine," she said, he tell mouthed "Stims", she said, "No, not this time, wait here okay?"

Ace then shouted,

"Shits going down!"
Sutori had managed to sneak into the tree lines away from the group while they were watching what became of the camp.

He found what he was looking for, a silhouette of a little girl, a shadow. He walked up and it talked "Hey eight, it's me seven."

Seven, the little girl that was also a spirit walker, he'd met her mere days ago when she flipped what he knew of his powers on its head.

"Seven? Is that you, what the hell are you doing here?" Sutori asked

"Never mind that, looks like your gonna be in a mess of trouble soon, lets go." Seven said

Sutori grabbed her hand and the world melted away until he was in the room he started with, and only seven was there.

Then three appeared, a woman that was closer to Sutori's age, or at least appeared that way.

"You were supposed to watch the princess." Three said

"What did something happen?" Sutori asked
Katrina then motioned for Padre and Spades to drag Rico inside a warehouse. She then bent down to talk to Audrey, she isn't really much older and Audrey is not a little child, it's just that Katrina is ridiculously tall, Rico's height in fact. She wanted to look Audrey in the eye.

"If I told you, both yours and Rico's lives are in your hands, would you be ready?" she said firmly and with all seriousness.

"I..I..." Audrey didn't know what to say,

Katrina then said gently and firmly, "You have to be honest to yourself here, are you ready?"

Audrey nodded, Katrina gave her a pistol and two tiny syringes. "the gun is set to stun, shoot anything and anybody that comes your way, if you are not sure, shoot it to be sure, give you and Rico both an injection if your lives are in danger," Katrina pointed to were Rico lay, barely conscious, "that should be a safe hiding spot, we'll be back soon,"

She then shouted, "Ace, Spades, climb the roof, Luna, watch our backs, Padre with me, we'll move from cover to cover"
OOC: What is going on Shogun? And is there any way I can get involved? My guy is returning to Audrey right now.
OOC: What is going on Shogun? And is there any way I can get involved? My guy is returning to Audrey right now.

My guy is barely coming to, and Audrey and him are hiding in a small warehouse. The other executioners are checking out what's happening.

You can come save my guy and if you want, and if not then just protect them from a distance I guess.
Sutori felt liberated, he could see everything around him, feel the world gliding past him as he jumped from rooftop to rooftop.

"This is what freedom must feel like... too bad its not for me." Sutori muttered.

Sutori saw thugs running down the street and followed them to a warehouse, all of the sudden an explosion rocked the block and the thugs fell through the earth.

Sutori continued running across the rooftop, a sniper was trying to track him but couldn't get off a shot.

Sutori jumped clear of the roof straight at the wall of the warehouse and impacted it, his body started to shimmer as it melted through the walls, his face appeared partways through the wall and he saw the inside, the princess kneeling next to an unconscious body.

Except it wasn't just any body he realized "shit that's Rico." Sutori thought to himself.

They were in trouble if he didn't do something, and the goons from outside were trying to sneak through a hidden entryway. "shit, they know this place like the back of their hands."
Out of Game: I think your guy should recognize my guy as Shogun, but your guy doesn't say anything about it.
OOC: Alright

Then it hit Sutori like a wall of water, Rico looked like Shogun. he sounded like Shogun, moreover, he had the geass, Shogun was the only one who had that ability.

"Fuck me." Sutori coughed out "Now I really have to save their asses."

Sutori grabbed two daggers and jumped off the wall, he landed in the middle of a group of thugs, he rolled, ducking under their rifles and swords.

He stood up and unveiled the daggers, stabbing straight outwards, ripping out two of their throats, he turned around at the other stunned thugs and flipped the bloody daggers through the air, they flew out of his palms planting themselves in the necks of the opponents.

"Four down, twenty to go." Sutori whispered to himself.
Gunships hovered above and pointed their guns at Sutori...

"Freeze! This is the police, drop your weapons right now and put your hands in the air!"

The thugs just laughed, obviously they had a deal with the police.


They heard gunfire and took cover, Katrina heard footsteps coming towards them.


Luna then said,

"I've got a visual, confirmed, it is the police"

They then stood up, and the police pointed their guns right at them,

"Let's just all calm down! We're all on the same side!" She shouted, she then reached in her pockets and pulled out the Royal Seal. "See?"

A police officer pointed his pistol at it and pulled the trigger. Katrina threw it to Padre before anybody could get their hands on it. She was shot in the chest, but it was just a stun round, so her armor absorbed the shot. Ace, Spades, and Luna fired on the police while Katrina dove for cover.

"Octavian squadron, disembark and get to my position ASAP and be ready for a firefight, and a rescue mission if you don't hear from me again," she said into her mike.

"Ma'am, do you want us to get the rest of the strike force?" Birdie replied

"Yeah, we'll need all the reliable help we can get," she said,

"ETA in 10 minutes ma'am, good luck,"
Out of Game: I was scanning back in the thread and realized that there were 4 more Royal Executioners and a strike force that came with them :D
Shogun, do you want the baddies dead? Because I could just scare them off, Sa'kage assassins rank a lot higher then their type.
Sutori knew what he had to do.

"Hands up!" one of the thugs said

Sutori spun around, faster then light and punched straight through the mans chest.

Sutori evaporated through the air.


He appeared on the ceiling, right above where some "policemen" were surrounding Audrey.

"Hands up bitch or you die!" One of them yelled.

He coiled like a snake and catapulted himself into the man, grabbing his pistol Sutori shot two of the other guards, flipping it over and bashed the first policemen's face into a bloody gore. '

He got up and looked at Audrey, "princess, your ride is here." he said levelly