Some guy online tried to hypnotize me to be his gf.

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Hey there!

I'm pretty skeptical about these things but I do find them fascinating and no, I don't think the attempts of said guy actually worked.

Anyway, I met him on an online dating site and he asked to talk in WhatsApp. He said some stuff that he'll hypnotize me to love him or something. At first I thought he was just joking around and that's his weird way of flirting but the moment that he edited my pic (he asked me to send a cross-eyed pic) to look like this and I should use it as my profile pic in WhatsApp:


Creepy right? I was starting to doubt it was all just a joke. He then send me a bunch of weird audio recordings, which are just some soothing music with some weird whispering (he later told me it was backmasking) included in. I didn't bother to reverse the audio. I didn't listen to any of the stuff he had sent in full.

Anyway, he told me stuff like we had dated previously and that I am in love with him and I shouldn't question anything he says. (I had never met this guy before) I told him none of this stuff will work on me and he said it will. It's just the start of my "brainwashing" and that's why I don't feel anything for him yet. I scoffed at the idea and told him none of this stuff actually works and if it did it probably won't work online. He said it does and it will affect my subconscious. He told me that he had already put a spell on me and I can never leave him and I'll keep coming back.

I said I don't believe him and I'll test out his spell by leaving. Last time I talked to him was this morning. I have no intention of speaking with him again but I am curious about some things:

1. What exactly did he try to do with me?
2. Do you guys believe any of this is actually possible?
3. I haven't blocked him yet (should I?)
4. What do all of the symbols on my picture mean?
5. Is this guy for real? or is he just a really elaborate troll?
6. Any other thoughts on this?

Anyway, that's all. I am very fascinated with parapsychology and paranormal stuff even if I don't really believe in any of these things so I wanted to know the thoughts of someone who knows more about these things. I just wanna satisfy my curiosity.

Feel free to ask me anymore questions on this :))
Firstly, I doubt the genuine intent of your post.
Secondly, there are a lot of very sick people who believe some very sick things about their very sick super powers and seek nothing more than the thrill of exercising them using anonymous web platforms to do it with.

However if we take you seriously for a moment, and for the benefit of others who may read this thread, the advice given by Bells to immediately block this person would be advise well taken.

There is an old saying "Curiosity killed the cat" and perhaps it is your curiosity that he is playing on.

Many people just love a mystery especially if it involves occult themes. The popularity is demonstrated by popular streaming services that offer a plethora of psychic killer, save the world type narratives.
But seriously, any one that offers any threat on these platforms should be blocked immediately so that they can not feed off your natural curiosity and insecurity. Don't worry you wont be the only person who has blocked them...and if you are delete your account and start over..

As to the reality of what he was attempting to do ( assuming he is not just a nut job) , I do not feel this forum is the place to discuss it.

There are numerous chanting and incantation techniques floating about out there that can, if described here, mislead you and other people terribly.

There is just one thing to really remember IMO

The human imagination is extremely receptive to ideas and can be extremely productive when it comes to self destruction especially if intimidation or fear is involved.
Why did you re-open this discussion after it had been dead for more than a year, QQ? Why now?

Obviously, the opening poster has never been back to see the answers, so there's no point in going on with this.
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