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When I was younger, and especially when I was sick or not feeling well, I used to lie in bed crying. I felt as if I was a small thing holding up an "impossibility" (no other word for it). Not just being weak, but being incapable. I can also compare this feeling to a single piece of sand being bit (two front teeth) as hard as it can. I don't know why.

Has anybody else experienced this?

p.s. although this doesn't have anything to do with the above: Has the date June/July 27th ever been stressed in somebody else's dream? If so, tell me what the significance of the date was...
Hmmmm.... I'm not sure if my experience is what you had but, it might seem the same.

I remember a long time ago back in the old country(I came from a poor family)...when I was real young , less than ten probably. We were downstairs watching a movie with my grandfolks, cousins, and family...something about magic and witches and sorcerery.

Out of no where I just got up real quick and ran upstairs and started crying, grasping my head. Not that it was a head ache but like I was really you said "holding up an "impossibility" everything when I looked around was there was vast space between everything...and it left some kind of taste sensation in my throat, that was unexplainable and experienced only during those was like having cement in my throat. It wasnt like I had a piece of sand between my teeth... it was more like I was the piece of sand between someones teeth.
My headache for lack of terms, was coming from oustide, like some great pressure.... even when I closed my eyes, somehow everything still seemed huge... and that taste that sensation in my throat was something I couldnt explain that let me knew that this was still happening.
Finally my mom came up and she comforted me and I fell asleep with open eyes.

That feeling never happend again till somewhere last year.... everything was the same...huge, vast space, and pressure... cept I was seeing lights this time. But, the imagined pain and crying and all that wasnt there this time. The taste sensation was in my throat again. I still felt really small some how...

infinity was opening to me...
I flew that night.
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. I can also compare this feeling to a single piece of sand being bit (two front teeth) as hard as it can. I don't know why.

Has anybody else experienced this?

Wow, i think that i have had similar experiances that you are describing. When i was a child i had these dreams, mostly when i was sick or sleeping in hotels(Beats me?). My Whole body felt as if it was being put between a sharp but not sharp enough surface and grinded.......several times this happened. It hasent happened recentally, and the strange thing is that when ever i touched a certian surface of somthing the images of the dream came into my mind and made me feel nausious. It was all very weird.......cant explain it, but it is kinda similar to yours because i also described the feeling to somtimes feel like being grinded between teeth, two front teeth. WEIRD.....well, you arent alone....


Odd you've reminded me of when I was very young and ill, I had been asleep and upon waking looking at the floor i was seeing everything like my fov was extremely high and distant.

I had the feeling of being compressed in a strange painful way, also it reminded me of a tyre! :eek: Don't remember much else after that must of fell back to sleep but was incredibly weird.

I do get the distance thing sometimes (rarely) when watching tv lying down!?
My Friend calls an experience we share, and lost of other people, "Big Small Thing" I'm betting that it's pretty similar to what you guys are perceiving, and that similar things happen to every body, the interesting thing is why they seem to happen more in childhood, and the way people discibe them and the little idiosycricities(sp?) that go along with it.
Mine is always accpanied by a buzzing sound in my ear (or head to be more accurate) which is to do with Kundalini, probably a lot of this stuff is, as well as a lot of "mental illnesses" it can be pretty scary.
My bro's birthdate is June 27th,

He's dead

Only significance i can attach to that

Other than that i feel good about the future.

We are heading into a really rough time people, 2004, 2005, 2006, but after we survive whatever is gonna hit us, i see a golden future ahead.
I have a memory that seems very old (I've probably remembered it all my life) that I was holding something very, very small and the harder I tried to hold it the smaller it got, and I got this weird feeling of something being infinitly small. Like a weak feeling first, but then it grew at an accelerating rate and I had to stop otherwize the feeling would overwhelm me.
Mine is kinda similar. Things keep building up and then these 3 little things, I can never fully make out what they are, but they climb this thing and replace a big "king" as a "ruler". It is really weird and I havent had it since I was a child.

Good to see a old thread revived.

This is amazing. I used to have these dreams when I was a kid (and amazingly, only when I was sick as well!) of (and I cant remember exactly) something like a massive truck about to squash a helpless little kids bike or something. It could even have been a huge Vs tiny animal and I cant remember but the feeling after the dream was very distinct and unpleasant. I remember my mother saying it was to do with me having a fever and I always associated fevers with strange mental behaviour after that!
It seem's that there is a slight correlation between all our dreams.
We all felt sick when they occured, and the ever occuring theme is somthing small agianst somthing little.

Hmmm, Whats does this mean,"Think, think, think"

Lets all figure this out.

Othersider, Inta'twalamayah, Electro, evolove, Faith the Thinker,
Cyperium, John Connellan.........

Lets find out what this is.......

Well I do believe the fever bit coz I know that an increase in brain temperature tends to cause unpleasant nightmares but I have no idea what the big-small connection is!!!
When you're sick, your body is stressed. The feeling of being small and helpless, especially when talking about a sick child who probably understands less about health and sickness than an adult, is pretty normal. That's where we get the phrase "feeling puny".

Most people see childhood as a carefree time of life, but it has it's fair share of stress just like the adult world. It's those damned rose-colored glasses again. Kids are in a world that is almost completely out of their control. Parents pick up and move, forcing a child to leave his or her friends and familiar surroundings. School can be intimidating, especially if you're not doing well. Everything is bigger, stronger, and apparently smarter. You have to rely on others to provide your necessities, and that's in a normal, well-adjusted family. Drop in dysfunctionality and watch those stress levels soar. (It's a bird! It's a plane! It's little Timmy's chances of an aneurism before age 8!)

I had weird dreams, feelings of crushing smallness, etc. when I was little. As I grew up and took charge of my world and the path I was determined to walk in it, those feelings dissipated.

Well, that's my official two-cents' worth.
I haven't got a clue (if you don't count the experiance) of what it may be, but I have a friend who has experianced nearly the same thing. So it actually seems pretty common to experiance these things.

What strikes me when I think back, is that the feeling is so unlike any other feeling...and I wonder what might have happened if I didn't stop when the feeling overwhelmed me, I don't think I would die (allthough it could be easily imagined while I experianced it).
I was never sick when it happened to me. I have noticed similar feelings when meditating sometimes. I've no idea what it means, my friend said it used to scare the shit out of her, and her sister aswell.

Bigsmallthing? Can you describe that in more detail?

Buzzing in the ear? Like a bee flying near? Or something different? Which ear?

As far as I know kundalini has to do with a strong feeling of warmth. How is it you associate this with kundalini?

The noise can be different at different times, some times it is like that of a group of bees, others like the sound of a large water fall, or a storm.
Kundalini does different things with different people, sometime warm feeling, sometimes cold, sometimes preesure in different parts of the body, or energy moving arouind the body, the classic one being the powerfull surge shooting from the base of the spine upwards, and lots of times it is accompanied by this sound, reffered to a Ananhata, (I hope I've spelt that right) Omkara, or simily AUMom, the primal sound. This is very rough but thats basicaly it.

Thanks. Interesting info. I had only heard kundalini described once by a meditator being interviewed in a show about spontaneous human combustion, of all things. (It was free-ranging speculation about the possibility of a person heating up so much they could start on fire.)

I'm still curious about the "Big Small Thing". When I was a kid I sometimes had an unusual body sensation that I described to myself as "Big and little at the same time." This was purely physical and there was no emotional distress attached to it - just surprise (that seemed to upset it and dissipate it).

Also: do you recall which ear you heard these noises in?
Thank you Oxygen,

What is so outrageous, amazing or supernatural about any of this?
It is a simple representation of feeling powerless, weak, small, controlled...
Originally posted by one_raven
What is so outrageous, amazing or supernatural about any of this?
It is a simple representation of feeling powerless, weak, small, controlled...
What caught my attention is the fact people are describing things more in terms of physical sensation than emotional reaction. I'm not thinking supernatural at all, but most of these descriptions are beyond just emotional experiences and represent, at the very least, at the very least, somatic manifestations of emotions, which is unusual and interesting to me.
Do you think these common "sensations" are caused by instinctual reactions to the emotions?
Perhaps they have common manifestations due to common cultural represenations of weakness (images, movies, books etc)?
Do you think that they emanante from something like the Jungian Common Unconscious or the Akasha?

What's your gut feeling about the similarities?