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You really are making a complete fool of yourself.

Sure sure, you take it easy OK? Perhaps a disprin and a good lay down may help?
All you got left is "Crazy Talk!"... Vladimir Lenin.

Why don't you try "exposing my lies" like a sane and rational person would do instead of all of these "irrelevancies"? I thought this was supposed to be such a serious "science forum" that you can't even speak unless you do it within the extremely narrow confines of EVIDENCE ONLY. What happened to the same exact rules that were applied to me in the first three "science" forums???

"Experts say I'm right!"

"If an expert says it can't be done, get another expert." - David Ben-Gurion

All you got left is "Crazy Talk!"... Vladimir Lenin.
Quoting your mentor again? Very good! You will be well liked in China.
Why don't you try "exposing my lies" like a sane and rational person would do instead of all of these "irrelevancies"?
What you are posting isn't right, and it's not even intelligent enough to be wrong.
Like I said, the ONLY WAY to defeat Vladimir Lenin is to shoot him in head.
He is already dead. The only way he lives on is through acolytes like yourself, who quote him and carry on his legacy. Good job.
What I am posting are, literally, the most true words ever posted on the internet... BY FAR!!!!!!!!

Welcome back to reality, delusional brainwashed useful idiot Obamite sheep... Keep going "BAAaaa… BAAaaa…" and someone who actually knows the truth... it's actually funny too me, Mush Mind.
I don't know if that fully got through, what it was from EFM and M&M's perspective. We used to talk about this stuff about “Grandpa Bond” a lot when I was younger, but it mostly stopped when I left for college just because we didn't see each other as much any more. ESM died in 2003, and that kicked off a “second round” of us both being serious about it again, EFM even launched his own assault on the US Army and just kept asking for his military records over and over... which actually started a “bidding war” with, by the time he was done after 4 or 5 attempts, them having left their decades long position of “left the army after Tokyo” too, I think... 1958. He gave up saying... “This is a waste of time, we know its 67 or 68, as always seemed obvious too me”.

So this was a decades long “casual investigation” that ended in that moment of EFM having the INSTANT revelation at the moment we were sure we had figured it out... in like 2012 or something... that... “Jinker Pinker was his code name!!!”

Too us, it was like he had been telling us all along with that story and we just couldn't see it. It was a like a big joke and him laughing at us from the grave. We both instantly starting laughing about it and couldn't stop for minutes. It was, and will probably always be to both of us, the funniest joke of all time... “Jinker Pinker is the hardest person in the world to find.”


What I am posting are, literally, the most true words ever posted on the internet... BY FAR!
Sorry, Lenin is still dead, no matter how much you want him to be alive. That's reality. I know, it's a bummer for people like yourself.
"BAAaaa… BAAaaa…
Again with the sheep noises. You really get off on that, eh?
You are the one FORCING The Game and YOU are the USEFUL IDIOT (CLASSIC TEXTBOOK EXAMPLE) obsessively doing nothing but using the tactics of Vladimir Lenin to "Get The Boogeyman" who says your Preciously Perfect Dear Leader is anything less then perfect. You are a brainwashed zombie and all the smart people can see that. You are like one of Phil's Swamp Gas victims, and everyone but you can see that.

That's why almost nobody else is talking, you are the only few who are stupid enough to be talking. The Bottom Feeders who are digging their way to China.
Isn't anyone in this country smart enough to know the right answer to anything anymore?

"Will you commit to defunding the police?"

Smart People: "That's the dumbest question I've ever heard in my life. Get out of his country. Go back home to Moscow voluntarily before we forcibly put you on boats and send you there, American Nazi Brown Shirt traitors! Get the fuck out now... you have three days to leave. Run fast!"


On a science site there might people reading this who have also read Phil a lot. Those people have probably noticed that I pretty much just substitute "ignorant babble" when Phil would say "delusional fantasy", and then use it about 75% less often.

See how much more nice than Phil I am!
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If you are any good at it, which you aren't... I would not be able to prove that China exists. With you I'm sure I could, but I could NEVER prove to Deano that China exists. NOTHING can be proven in the face of debunkery. That is the whole point!

Debunkery - To prove that which is true to be false.

We aren't playing your game, unless you can FORCE your game... which you can't. We are playing my game. And it's not even proof... (N.O.S.E.)… Go ahead, HUMILIATE YOURSELF by attempt to provide me with ANY EVIDENCE AT ALL that the Great Wall of China exists. Philip J Klass and the UFO Debunkers couldn't do it, and it WON the "UFO Debate". Welcome back to reality, brainwashed useful idiot ignorant sheep.

Another form of Word Wizardry… Quotes!!!

Quotes turn it into a lie and conspiracy. Do you see "the magic"? Remove the quotes and you could say this about Preciously Perfect Dear Leader Traitor Obama... with the quotes, the Evil Boogeyman is Faking & Lying!!! It's a conspiracy!!!!!!!!!!!!

All it takes is the quotes to complete reverse the meaning. Word Wizardry.

"Read Old Books"

"JFK would execute the Traitor Obama." - M&M
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Yeah, you only threaten to kill people! How much nicer can you get?

I don't threaten to kill "people"... I threaten to kill any American Nazi Brown Shirts who dare to come all the way out here to attempt to threaten and intimidate me with the tactics of Vladimir Lenin.

They will be buried in hastily dug graves in the middle of nowhere. They will never be seen or heard from again, their bodies will never be found.

Every Communist Nazi Obamite you kill is more and more evidence that you are one of the good guys... it's just like you are back in WWII again!

There are people worth killing again... Leninist Obamite Traitors!!!

Welcome back to reality, traitor.

Baby Bond, 009
Yeah, you only threaten to kill people! How much nicer can you get?

And you are again, USING it OUT OF CONTEXT as a WEAPON FOR ATTACK!!!

I said I was nicer than PHIL, and ANYONE can tell you that I am.

RETAIN THE CONTEXT LYING TRAITOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The ONLY WAY to beat Vladimir Lenin is to shoot him in the head.

He will NEVER stop lying and smiling about it until you put a gun against his head and blow his evil lying smiling brains out.

He won't EVER stop no matter what you do, and every time you expose him... he just smiles even bigger and immediately starts over with a new lie. The sheep can't remember yesterday, and Vladimir Lenin knows that.

The Sheep can't remember what happened, or what was said, yesterday. Tomorrow you can say the exact opposite of what you are saying today, and they won't notice.
And if any of you do try to come all the way out here with your Nazi Brown Shirt civil war, know that the ones who just magically disappear at the 50-mile mark were actual CIA agents among you, subtly directing you.

If you try to come here, they will disappear... because CIA Flunkies aren't allowed in Walsenberg, CO anymore!!!

Agent Jay
"John has a long mustache." - MI-6

"We are building a wall in Colorado." - Donald J Trump, President of the United States of America

"CASLTE_ROCK_GODSPEED" - Lieutenant General Michael Flynn, Defense Intelligence Agency

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