Vaccine related autism study?

The question is won't vaccines eventually become ineffective through generations of use anyways?
No. "Acclimation" to vaccines is actually how they work.

That being said, as time goes on some diseases will become extinct (primarily due to vaccines) and thus those vaccines will no longer be needed. Similarly, new vaccines will be developed for new diseases. (HIV, specific cancers etc.) So vaccines will almost certainly change with time - but will at a core level remain effective.

Pardon the French, but WHAT THE FUCK!?


If your child is writhing around in pain, it means the fucking bleach you just shoved up his backside is hurting him (and it is), which means you should stop and get him to a hospital. Do these people understand that they are probably causing permanent damage to their children's bowels and digestive system? That their children could actually die from this?

And then there is the fucktard who tells another fucktard to use the child's autism to do this to them..


Guided by largely anonymous moderators, users trade anecdotes in place of science, all while making health decisions that will affect their children in intimate ways, with unknown physical and psychological side effects. Meanwhile, the mods issue reassuring comments not to worry about things like reduced bowel function or "hundreds of small red objects" in a child's stool after enemas. They are convinced it's all part of the healing process.​

This is child abuse and child endangerment. I like how the article that Trippy linked also shows how they encourage and guide their members in how to avoid being arrested or have their children taken from their care. Probably because they know what they are doing is illegal.

These people belong in prison and should never ever be allowed to have their children in their care again.
Pretty much... sadly, in America, life is cheap and unimportant to so many people it seems... too many idiots ND too few thinkers
The problem is , is that vaccines can affect childern in so many ways and do harm

Whos to know what child will benefit and who won't ? Thats the problem
The problem is , is that vaccines can affect childern in so many ways and do harm

Whos to know what child will benefit and who won't ? Thats the problem

Given that modern vaccines are incredibly safe and far less dangerous than the diseases they help stymie... I would request some sort of citation or source for this claim...
Sorry MR:

No Link Between Vaccine and Autism, Massive Study Says

Tue, 04/21/2015 - 11:00am
Seth Augenstein

A massive new study has found no link between a common vaccine and autism, researchers announced today.

The study is the latest among years of research projects that make no connection between inoculations and an increased risk for the autism spectrum, the researchers said.

The measles-mumps-rubella vaccine did not lead to increased rates of autism among some 95,000 children monitored over a 15-year period, according to the federally-funded study published by the Journal of the American Medical Association today.

The study was prompted by surveys of parents who have children with autism spectrum disorder, or ASD, and who believe that the measles-mumps-rubella, or MMR, vaccine may have caused its onset, according to the researchers.

But those researchers concluded today’s findings were just the latest refutation of the “anti-vaccine” groups who link certain inoculations to increased autism rates.

“Consistent with studies in other populations, we observed no association between MMR vaccination and increased ASD risk among privately-insured children,” the authors wrote.

The study compared children within a large commercial health insurance plan, and who also had older siblings. Medical records from 1997 to 2012 showed the vaccine did not lead to increased incidence of autism for the younger children – even among those who had older siblings on the spectrum, the researchers said.

The younger children with autistic siblings were less likely to be vaccinated, the experts found.

The work was funded by the National Institutes of Health, the National Institute of Mental Health, and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

The anti-vaccine movement began in 1998 with the publication of a paper in The Lancet, a British medical journal, claiming a dozen children had been adversely affected by the MMR vaccine. The paper was retracted by the medical journal in 2010, but opponents of vaccinations have continued to be vocal. Anti-vaccine parents in some parts of the U.S. have opted against getting their children inoculated against ailments that were once considered nearly eradicated. In some parts of the U.S., measles and other diseases have been contracted in outbreaks with increasing frequency.

The CDC and other agencies have touted studies showing that vaccines are safe, and not related to autism. Last year, researchers who analyzed roughly 1 million children published a study in the journal Vaccine that found vaccines, and ingredients like mercury, appeared to have no causal link.

The CDC has also maintained there is no link between vaccines and autism, in a series of studies.

In a separate JAMA editorial published today, an expert found the latest study be consistent with prior research. Bryan King, a doctor at the University of Washington and Seattle Children’s Hospital, said there is “no signal to suggest a relationship between MMR and the development in autism.

“Taken together, some dozen studies have now shown that the age of onset of ASD does not differ between vaccinated and unvaccinated children, the severity or course of ASD does not differ between vaccinated and unvaccinated children, and now the risk of ASD recurrence in families does not differ between vaccinated and unvaccinated children,” King wrote.