What if the Earth was as big as Jupiter?

Longest pause between line and punchline in internet history.
Will we have to wait another ten years for the rimshot?

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I am writing a book - not a very good one - but still...

It is set in space but mostly set on a planet other than Earth. This planet has a total diameter of 1,572,824 kilometers, a density of 21,350.208 kg/m3, a volume of 1.5489903e+16, a total mass of 2.08802e+28, a surface gravity of 220.613 m/s2, and Neptune sized moons.

I was just wondering if this was possible in real-life. Also, yes... Before you ask; There is life on this fictional planet. That is the magic of storytelling, after all.
Assuming the geology of the Earth is the same, but the size was as big as Jupiter, and the world population was the same as it is now.

What do you think would be the effects on society?

Would we, in 2008, still have unexplored areas of wilderness left in the Earth?

Would there be vast areas of land uninhabited?

Would our industrial activities not be enough to harm the environment?

This question always intrigued me.

are you replacing water ?
if so with what ?