Your Worst Movie?

i never was a fan of dances with wolves, i had to sit through it in history and it was frightfully boring
The Garfield movie. I usualy have a sixth sense of knowing when a movie is crappy but this time it failed.
and badly, over one and a half hours the only comfort of this film was jennifer love hewitt (and not her acting)
Some crap films I've had the displeasure of seeing over the years:

Mortal Kombat: Annihilation

The Fantastic Four

SS Super Soldier

Batman & Robin

The Sum of All Fears


Highlander II

Starship Troopers

The Ring

The Promise (Chinese crap film)
I liked The Ring and Starship Troopers, but I agree with the rest, especially Akira. I've never been that big on Japanime, but Akira was the worst of the worst for the ones I've seen. I'd rather sit through a Speed Racer marathon. (Please tell me there are no plans for a live-action version of Speed Racer... "And now, the movie event of the summer... Dana Carvey IS Speed Racer!!!")

I am actually a very big anime fan. I rather love how such a medium, animation, can be employed for such dramatic and intriguing tales. But Akira was over hyped, over done, dog turd. It was boring, made no sense, and it was just a pitiful movie.
Oh, it's not the writing that I can't stand (exception Akira). I enjoyed Starblazers and Captain Harlock when I was a kid for the sci-fi imagination, and there have been a few one-shot graphic novels that I really liked. It's the drawing. It looks like there's only one cartoonist in Japan, and he believes peope have 8-inch eye sockets. I don't knock the people who are into it, it's just not for me.

That's actually changed a lot (and never really was the case to begin with), in regards to the "huge eyes" and the sterotypical "anime styles".

But you are a fan of Captain Harlock?!

You sir, are my new forum buddy. For Captain Harlock - and all other Leiji Matsumoto creations - are the best thing out of Japan since Godzilla.
Ah! Fellow Harlock fan!!! I used to have a FASA Starfleet Battles stat sheet for the Arcadia. That ship kicked major ass! I let a friend of mine hold onto my copy of "My Youth in Arcadia", then he moved to Texas with it. We had a big falling out and I fear I'll never see it again! *sniff!*

As far as the big eyes thing, Dragonball Z was the last thing "anime" I saw. (Not counting "Spirited Away".) There had been a sci-fi comic book series back in the late 80's early 90's called "2001 Nights". The writing was very imaginative, but aside from the oddball artist now and then, it looked like it was all drawn by the same guy, large eyes and all (just not AS large). Still, it was a great venue for up and coming sci-fi writers. Usually had something like 15 stories in each issue.
i used to be an avid fan of dragonball Z when i was younger, but then it turned to gt and i got older so i lost interest in it

They've released practically all Leiji Matsumoto's films on DVD right now. You should go rebuy a copy of it in DVD form!

But yes, things have changed from the 80's. Most stuff marketted back then in the US and Europe were of that same style. Now, as the markets have expanded, more of the different stuff has filtered through.


You should check out the original Dragon Ball. It is a delightful show. Very funny with enjoyable characters and a sort of whmisical adventure feel to it. It is more care-free than its sequel, and with better action as it is less off the wall and drawn out.
Thank you, Your Highness! I think I've seen some Matsumoto in passing at a local store. Since it's payday today... Hmmm, what shall I do? What shall I do? ;)
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the Horse Whisperer was an exceptinally crappy and boring movie, definitely up their with the worst.

i also dis-liked the english patient, such a boring movie.