Anti-gravity. Well isn't that extra-special?


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Any thoughts on the feasability of electrogravitics (as mentioned in the following article) from the high-energy physics group? Is anti-gravity theoretically possible? Do you think we already have this technology?

U.S. Has Heavily Researched Anti-Gravity, Book Says

LONDON (Reuters) - The U.S. military may have conducted serious research into anti-gravity based on Nazi studies, a top defense journalist suggests in a new book.

In ``The Hunt for Zero Point,'' journalist Nick Cook says, based on a decade's research, he believes by the 1950s the U.S. was seriously working on anti-gravity ``electrogravitics'' technology, which would lift and propel vehicles without wings or thrust.

``I feel intuitively that some vehicle has been developed, particularly given that there is this wealth of scientific data out there, and the Americans have never been slow to pick up on this sort of science,'' Cook, the aerospace consultant for Jane's Defense Weekly, told Reuters in an interview.

Cook uncovered reports and sightings of a Nazi research device that had been hidden in a remote part of Poland, where it had apparently been supplied with great quantities of electricity -- which an electrogravitic experiment would require.

Curiously, barely a hint of such Nazi research appeared after the war, suggesting that whoever captured it -- probably the United States -- immediately stamped it ``secret,'' he said.

Cook noted that, as a respected expert, he is risking his reputation by writing seriously about a technology associated with UFOs, which most scientists dismiss as science fiction embraced by ``hocus-pocus'' believers.

The United States is known to have a huge budget for so called ``black projects,'' because it spends more on defense than can be accounted for by adding up the value of public programs.

Cook admitted he cannot produce a conclusive case. But that is the nature of black projects, in which even the workers usually have no idea what they are working on.

In 1947, amid the early craze of UFO reports, an air force general reported on the possibility of the United States building disc-shaped objects with extreme rates of climb and maneuverability but without noise or evident propulsion.

In the mid 1950s electrogravitics was the subject of a few press reports, including one that described work by most of the United States' major defense contractors, Cook reported.

And then it all went quiet -- just as stealth technology suddenly disappeared from view in the mid 1970s, only to re-emerge as operational aircraft in the late 1980s.

Academic papers on the subject have mysteriously disappeared from libraries.

There is still no firm evidence that electrogravitics is more than science fiction. Civilian scientists and amateurs have experimented with it, and while some have reported success, no one seems to have reproduced their results to prove that it works.
Didnt read the article but I can personally tell you duh, ofcoarse they do. I hear they also have something called gravitational propulsion which is what the UFO's are supposed to run on. I'm not entirely sure about the physics involved but it does sound scientifically feasable.
Im pretty shure its possible but Im not sure when we will have the technology to do so.

I think this will come to us linked with the ability to simulate gravity in space. Once we unlock one we get the other.

Sounds feasible.....(like i know anything)
no really/./......
anyone know where i can find any theory on this?
Heres proof of anti-gravity, yes you too can try this experiment at home of course I recommend outside.

What you will need, A Bucket with a decent handle and some water.

Fill bucket to no more than half full, then start swinging it it until you get the buckets velocity high enough to make it go around in a circle above your head. The Velocity will hold the water in.

Okay so the water stays in the bucket in relation to both the velocity and the fact that you have gravity down here, In space you won't have as much gravitational pull from bodies like the earth, so you water would act weirdly, unless you span it superfast.

This means if you want antigravity you get dizzy, unless your crafty enough to do the next step, what if you spin a weight fast enough, you could cause some vaccum like a whirlpool effect, place some greating over the top and viola, you have gravity... well suction.

um, so basically what your're saying is that antigravity is a shit name for, I think that its angular momentum (or centifugal/pedal) forces.(can never remember)(should I? I only do Alevels...)

and i thought that it was going to be about gravitons and quantum field theory........

methinks that is better

moosey outtahere
The article mentioned in the first post to this thread fails to describe any physical process by which "electrogravitics" could work. There's very little content there; just wild rumours.

Gravity is rather different from centrifugal forces. Gravity is an attraction between objects with mass. Accelerated motions can mimic the effects of gravity, but nobody has yet managed to find any way to "shield" or block out the effects of gravity caused by the presence of matter.
Originally posted by Mad Scientist
No way could they keep anti-gravity a secret form the academic world. Not a chance. end rumor.
You're right. Something that big would surely leak.
Originally posted by Mad Scientist
No way could they keep anti-gravity a secret form the academic world. Not a chance. end rumor.

Mad Scientist,

It is pretty much an acepted fact that from around 1918 or so until 1976 or so, the US government had in place a program that intercepted every single telegraph that was sent either to or from the US. Even though this program was in strict violation of our constitution, it continued until the mid-70's until a president, I believe it was president Carter, stopped it through executive order. Something of this magnitude was kept secret for over 60 years. Read the book "The Puzzle Palace". It describes the history of the NSA.

Also, the F117 Stealth fighter was being flown in the late 70's and early 80's. Three of them crashed in Northern Arizona during their developments. The first time the "public" heard about them was in the operations that took place in Panama in 1990. I might add that an entire operational wing of F117s were flying several years before this and no one in the public new.

Finally, from my experiences in the US Air Force, I can tell you quite confidently that the US Government keeps an incredible amount of stuff out of the public's eye.

So given all of this, it is quite easy for me to believe that we could have a fully functional "anti-gravity" machine and you would never hear about it.

If the government keeps things such as the F117 from the public for so long, what do you think they would do for a technology that could literally revolutionize the world?
I heard a story long' long ago about these saucers using a magnet that pulled another magnet downward with the force to pull half a ton while the other magnet pulled upwards with a force of 1 ton, thus creating lift.

But we all know that gravity is the warping of space time and both magnets will fall at the same rate into the well, don't we?

You may want to look at this old antigravity machine.

<A HREF="" target=new><FONT COLOR=blue size=+1> Anti-gravity machine
James R ...

Thanks for the chuckle ...
You're right. Something that big would surely leak.
I could just see the first time an 'anti-gravity' machine was turned on! Things flying in every direction since it wouldn't only be Earth's gravity that was being negated.

And, talk about loosing our atmosphere real quick like!
Originally posted by James R
The article mentioned in the first post to this thread fails to describe any physical process by which "electrogravitics" could work. There's very little content there; just wild rumours.

but nobody has yet managed to find any way to "shield" or block out the effects of gravity caused by the presence of matter.
A theory specifically starts as rumors,it is called as hypothesis in the scientific community,has a scientific base for course they are rumors,but sometimes turn true in the course of time.

well,i"ll explain as far as i know.a binary system sirius a and b,specifically were known to loose their gravititional attraction as the time went by NOT due to the life cycle of the star themselves.the rumors then was speculated that since gravititional energy is radiated,it must be in form of quanta of they are, a graviton is always emmitted by matter as far as i know ALWAYS away from the center of gravity of the,since every paticle has an antiparticle associated with it there's where the concept of anti-gravitons comes into existence.i dont much about them,but i hope what i know is not incorrect .if it is please i would be glad to hear any corrections in my understanding of the subject.
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For zion

Gravity wave radiation is thought to explain the slowing down of the periods of certain binary <b>pulsars</b>. I'm sure the same effect occurs with Sirius A and B, but I think in that case it would be too small to measure.

From memory, the graviton is its own antiparticle (as is the case with photons). However, bear in mind that the graviton is still a theoretical particle. Nobody has ever seen one yet because gravitational wave detectors haven't succeeded yet. A LOT of time, effort and money is being spent on the search right now, though.
When they do eventually crack the mystery that is gravity, u me and the rest of the people on this world today proberbly wont be around to see it.
Dont ponder on things u cant change, rather work on things u can.
Oh and btw UFO's roflmao.
Zion, have you got a link for that bit about sirius A and B, I know they are close to the galaxies black hole, maybe something is going on with the static gravity well?
There has been a recent scientific paper that suggests it is possible to "stiffen" space-time through the use of magnetic fields (see the discussion in the Frontier Physics group if you want a link to the paper).

If this theoretical work is true, what it implies is that by "stiffening" space-time, you are removing the effects of gravity, which bends space-time. This is in effect, negating the gravitational effect of matter. If this is truly possible, then this is, in fact, a type of "anti-gravity", although it appears to be more of a "gravity shield" than "anti-gravity", but the effect would be similar. If you could remove the effects of gravity in a localized area, you would in fact achieve "anti-gravity" on a local scale.

Just some food for thought:D
Bah! Military...

I think all the world governments need to stop keeping so much a secret. I long for the day when world leaders put humanity as a whole ahead of their own purposes.

I'm sure if the military "open sourced" all it's technological secrets our race could advance so much faster, but no, the military leaders of the world can't seem to see over their pile of nukes, tanks and jets at the bigger picture. Like spoiled babies with too many toys they are...