Politics of parenting

Discussion in 'Politics' started by ThazzarBaal, Oct 19, 2023.

  1. billvon Valued Senior Member


    I do not support bans on corporal punishment, because some parents are such bad parents that the only way they can communicate is through violence, and that's honestly better than no communication at all. But it means you are a failure as a parent. It's like a driver who regularly crashes into things and relies on his airbags to save him. Should be ban airbags? No; a living horrible driver is better than a dead horrible driver. But hopefully someone will take his car away before he hurts someone else badly. Better yet, perhaps someone will teach him how to drive without having to hit things.
    Because sadists enjoy inflicting pain. And if that is done to someone in a consensual manner, then no problem. If it's done to a helpless child, then that person is a violent thug who has no significant parenting skills. Such children deserve better parents (and our pity.)
    Yep. And beating a child (or whatever euphemism you want to use) causes both.
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  3. Tiassa Let us not launch the boat ... Valued Senior Member

    Coin toss:

    Heads: ¿Really?

    Tails: As long as we all recognize this thread only carries what credibility we give it.​

    To the obverse, no the politics of violence as child discipline are not new to me; this was an ongoing dispute when I was younger, and in the time I've been a parent, there has even been an argument in favor of acid attack as child discipline. In the U.S., such parents call it, "hot saucing".

    To the reverse, our neighbor's performance is at the edge of what our community is willing to pretend isn't a troll job. It's kind of been this way for a while, around here.

    If we take him seriously in a parenting context, we understand something about the mentality of such politics. If we take him in the context akin to run of the mill antisocial histrionics, we understand something about his craving for attention. It's possible to take him seriously, but it doesn't really have anything to do with actual parenting, and at that scale, pretty much anything is politics.

    That is the challenge, isn't it? If I take our neighbor seriously, this bit he's doing is kind of dangerous. But it is also really low-effort nonsense. Everyone else is putting more into it than he is, and that's kind of the point. In any case, this thread only carries what credibility we give it.
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  5. ThazzarBaal Registered Senior Member

    Long string of mischaracterized nonsense. I was spanked as a kid a few times. Mostly on birthdays - one lick per year plus one to grow on. Those days were great. I wasn't a disobedient kid, but when I did what I was told not to, I was spanked ... Not abused. It wasn't even remotely aggressive enough to be labeled abuse of any kind.

    Domestic violence is certainly not acceptable, naturally but ... As adults without understanding that some behaviors are unacceptable it's time to leave the situation. Parents typically wouldn't rove children from their care, nor kick them out for not cooperating with house rules. Clean your room, don't eat in thei ing room, and stay out of the tomato garden ... Simple enough requests. Repeated non compliance warrants consequence, if not a single non compliance.

    I will continue to support this type of discipline. The non abusive type that kids can typically understand. If they don't understand the discipline, there may be a greater issue to work out. It's not about spanking, but abuse. Spanking is not abused.
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  7. ThazzarBaal Registered Senior Member

    I'll follow suit and back away from the conversation. Abuse is different than than parental discipline. I was never beaten nor abused. I was spanked and learned not to disobey house rules. Other times I was rebellious about them, not of which were unreasonable, so when I was disciplined, I understood why and that there was a good reason for it.

    Birthdays were great, but you know how tradition can sometimes be viewed. Reminders are sometimes necessary and many people in our world are far less concerned about our well being than most parents would be.

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