baby names!

You shouldn't name a child until it's born. How can you give a child a name when you've never met them? Usually when a child is born, the parents find it easier to choose a name, and chances are, when you see a fragile little baby, you're not going to want to call it 'warrior' or 'blade'. I have just one request, please, not Bob.
request granted, bob is out the window,

i like that idea of waiting untill it is born, my mother said the same thing as you just did, "how can you call a sweet little innocent baby one of those hard warrior names"

then i said you cant call an adult a little sweet babies name because it will grow up one day,

so we both agreed, that it should be neither hard nor soft, but i cant help it,
how is one supposed to resist calling it something like blade, ice, or trojan,
those type of names are just so good,

:) peace.
what about if i dont give him a name, and just leave it blank, ?

is that legal to have no name?


I was working on a story at one time in which the main character's parents never named him.
It was the family tradition for the boy to pick a name when he becomes a man.
It was part of the rite of passage.

I like the idea.
yeah i was thinking my child could earn his/her name later in life, and i would name him/her when they have shown a particular trait as to wich name suits them best.