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Wasn't it kinda cool that his Avatar featured GIR? That's what I'm gonna miss 'bout him . . .
Maybe he was called back to Valhalla? Or maybe he has a life and is spending the night getting drunk and chasing women...
Hah, he ain´t gone. He posted sometimes today. Well, actually it was today for me and him, I don´t know in which timezone you live. :p

But he still is around.
HEY THOR!!!!! ARE YA ONE OF THE GUESTS??!!! *Listens for Thor's call*

I guess not. :(
Get any fine women in the real world, Thor? Please tell me that's what you were doing... :p What's it like out there?
What the fuck. I don't apologise for the use of profanity as I am really weirded out. I go to college and then play one 6 hour game of Joint Operations and everyone starts forming search parties. I don't know whether to be flattered or if I should start closing my curtains at night

I think Enigma has an unhealthy love for you, Thor. I bet he was in the process of getting plane tickets to England to track you down. I'm sure his intentions are good though, he probably just wants to kidnap you and keep you in his closet. Possibly sodomize you every now and again. :p
I haven't been around long enough to know that he lives in England. Thanks for the help. Hey travelocity has some cheep round trip tickets. Goody!
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