4th HED's Sciforums Awards

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invert_nexus said:
And from that mouse the world was shaped. With us the meanest microbe swimming through it's putrid gut. :D

And us microbes created the putrid environment so that the mouse would be sickened and we could discuss.
Brilliant! That's exactly what I mean. Always there is a way to discuss. More to discuss. Some tangent that might shed light on some new facet of thought.

Patterns exist everywhere in nature. All we have to do is find them.

You've just moved up on the maturity scale, Spurious. :D Maybe I'll start up my own awards? Nah. Too much hassle methinks.

By the way, the Hed never explained his fool statement. What up, Hed? Rambling a fool does not make in my book. I would confess to being drawn into nonproductive conversation (hence my post count) but when I am on a serious subject, I am serious on the subject. Rambling merely sheds light upon the tangents. Sometimes they roam too far and I need to be reined in. Sometimes, the conversation follows these tangents as more interesting than the original topic. I'd say that many threads are far too orderly and staid. Topic is a disease at times. One must think in bunches. Patterns. Connections.


Ahh. By the way, the Fool in the tarot deck is not really a bad card. It signifies the innocent beginner. He who is beginning his journey. He who travels through the high deck becoming each card in turn until he finally fulfills his destiny and becomes the World. The tarot is crap as far as the occult goes but it is treasure for pattern-seekers.
come on, stop being so sensitive.

I said wandering fool. aka Wanderer. He is a member. It's my own nick for him.

Ok. I actually thought that at first, but as he is nowhere around and the only similar mention in the thread was of rambling... :p

Some people are most sensitive. At times. And I am no exception. :D

Edit: Added thought. Such are the perils of endlessly seeking patterns. There is always some connection to something somewhere.
Inter arma silent Musae.

For those who don't speak latin.

Inter arma silent Musae. - The muses are silent amongst war.

War? Has there been a declaration then? Has it gone through congress? :D

It's possible that one refers to another war. Ha ha. ;)
Do you really need to go through congress to go to war?

I assume that for instance the US president has a big shiny red button next to its alarmclock on the night table in his precious white house.

One press and missiles are flying.

Well, maybe you are right. That wouldn't technically be war. That would be total annihilation.
SpuriousMonkey said:
Who has been a good poster then?

In this thread? :D Well, I've made a few innovative comments. You took the ball and ran with it on the mouse thing. Rosa has made some interesting comments.

Best? It's kinda relative, ain't it? :D

Oh. Good. Breadsticks for everyone!!

RosaMagika said:
I think I know now why Hed admonished to being more vitriolic.

Yes. As I've said in the past it's best to speak your mind. No one likes a cat that won't play with the mouse. Or the grasshopper.

And I'll speak my mind right now. Enough with this stupid sniping. It's ridiculous. Don't you think? We had good conversations once. It's such a shame that things have degenerated this way. At least call me an asshole and stop dancing.

We sully FountainHed's thread with this childish crap.

Apologies FountainHed. This is the last offtopic remark I make in this thread.
Who has been a good poster then?

Well, since there are no preset categories, I'll suggest some, together with my nominees:

The strictest logician: Alpha.
The warmest logician: Raithere.
The most provocative: Gendanken.
The concisest and briefest: Spuriousmonkey.
The most-opposite-of-chaotic chaotic: Dreamwalker.
Best newcomer: Bourgeoisie.
The most messianic: Leo Volont.
The all-around-dearest: SargentLard.
The most noble-minded: Jenyar.
Then we've got people like "madantonywayne" and "towards" and "Pangloss" who are fairly even tempered and give undecided a run for his money. (that reminds me, did we ever decide who undecided was?)

My, thanks for that news…there is so little I actually know about myself!
Dreamwalker said:
Alas, where do you see chaos?

In your avatars, titles ...

I like to start thinking of people the way they choose to represent themselves.
RosaMagic said:
I like to start thinking of people the way they choose to represent themselves.

what do you think of say Undecided, he changed avatar amout a million times the last month all. Multipersonality disorter ?
Kunax said:
what do you think of say Undecided, he changed avatar amout a million times the last month all. Multipersonality disorter ?

I don't know about Undecided. But Dreamwalker tends to have avatars that say "chaos", and his titles are also in that direction sometimes.
well thats true Dreamwalker would be the best non-chaotic chaotic

Who is Jenyar?, a poster in the religious forums
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