Cool, Cheesy & Ancient Family Pictures

Dad, ma and moi

In the early 70s, I was three or four, I think


5 years after the above pic

Asian babies are so sickeningly cute. No wonder every gay couple I know wants to run off and adopt one. (not me, I no likey kids)

Maternal grandfather (the little aryan baby on my great grandmother's lap)

Dad in Vietnam (ripped guy with the football)

Mom, shortly after graduating high school
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Great, great, great grandfather Arthur Bradbury (maternal side), upon immigrating to the USA from England.

Adeje, Tenerife (taken by me) when I lived there

Me, at my father's third (and final) wedding
Wow, you're so lucky! I wish I had pics from the very distant past!
You look like Prince William on the last pic! Those are great pictures.

I wish I have some more old pics with me, I left them in home country.
You favor your mom, don't you?

How observant (though the man who raised me as my "dad" was not my biological father; he adopted me, I only met the sperm donor once-- not such a nice guy who, thankfully, passed few attributes on to me). She favored my Grandfather greatly, who I also favor both in name and personality (though, sadly, not in wealth):

He was a great guy. Were it not for a burglar, I'd still have the Condor Legion dagger, Nazi coins and partial uniform that my grandfather (somewhat morbidly) removed from a Wermacht soldier that he dispatched in WWII. He never, EVER spoke of the war. Not one single word. I got the story from my step-grandmother and when I asked, he merely confirmed the story with a nod. He was a consummate prankster, had a wicked sharp whit and went on to become a very wealthy man (as observed in this photo wearing his Commodore's Hat which was awarded to him by his yacht club) who's largess helped pay for my many and prolonged world travels. More than anybody else in my life, I idolize him. He was down to earth in a way that few understood and never let his wealth show through (except in his cloths and cars). Other than that, he was Joe-Blow from anywhere.

He died of complications of Emphysema five years ago this past April.

Ah yes, you are your grandfathers boy. :)

We are a family of carbon copies, my brother looks EXACTLY like my father did at his age, though in temperament he favors my mother; my sister is lanky like my mother, my other sister is a carbon of my grandmother . I am my fathers daughter too and both my brother and I complete each others thoughts and sentences. We are however, very different in our outlook [or maybe thats just the several years between us]. Of course, he did spend the greater part of his childhood attached to me, so that may account for his ability to read my mind. :D
I can read my older brother's mind. He cannot, however, return the favor. It's a younger sibling thing. My younger brother can finish my sentences as well.

Growing up I could never say my older brother's name (Dale), I called him "Dee-doo" until, at age 10, I realized how silly I sounded. The first couple weeks of calling him by his real name was almost painful in its alienness to me. But, after a while, it felt natural. Similarly, my boyfriend calls me "Wookie" so much (the hairy chest) that when he actually uses my real name, I have to think for just the barest fraction of a second about who he's referring to. It almost feels unnatural when he says, "Hey, Dan."

Yeah. LOL. I love it. I've liked that pet name since day one. It's effective in how sinister he uses it on me. I have no will power when he pleads for something, dropping "Wookies" throughout the request. Bastard.

SAM: Looking at the picture of your mother (hand on hip), where was she working? It looks like a dormitory of some sort. Was she a nurse? Teacher?