Cool, Cheesy & Ancient Family Pictures

Yeah. LOL. I love it. I've liked that pet name since day one. It's effective in how sinister he uses it on me. I have no will power when he pleads for something, dropping "Wookies" throughout the request. Bastard.

SAM: Looking at the picture of your mother (hand on hip), where was she working? It looks like a dormitory of some sort. Was she a nurse? Teacher?


She used to be a nurse, thats probably Sarvodaya Hospital, I think. :p
Here's three more fantastic pics:

Self (in yellow) and three of my siblings. That's right: we're in a totally self-made white-trashy marching band. (just LOOK at those bell-bottoms!)

This one's great (and I'd love to get it professionally restored), but you'll have to struggle a bit: it's my dad (in Nam) holding up a Playboy centerfold!

Yes, that's my WHITE niece and WHITE step-mother standing next to the infamous negro lawn jockey. It's so trashy that it's almost classic. I was so ashamed in high school, now I just love it. I always ask them why they don't just put up a mammy statue next to it!

Its strange how different things look through the lens of time. So much more...poignant?
Its strange how different things look through the lens of time. So much more...poignant?

Indeed. My dad was such a dork (to me) growing up. I just thought he was a total douche. But, looking back, the guy was a stud, and a bit of a wild one.

The little things that used to bug the shit out of me are now the fondest memories!

Great photos! I'm pissed, I set up my parents a little website using their webspace on AOL...and AOL has closed that service down, now I lost all those pictures. Dangit. I don't have a scanner..I wish I could post some of dad in WWII.
This thread is dedicated to your family pictures: the worst of them or the best of them. Old ones are best. I just love the ones from the seventies and before.

Take a look:

Mother & Father at my Uncle's Wedding. Late 1970's. JESUS! Look at my dad's suit!


HOLY CRAP String!!!! Why didn't you tell us your dad was Hank Williams Jr!???
Seriously...that is one groovy suit...check out the could jump off a building and coast down on them like hang glider wings. :) ..and that kind of shinyness only comes from the finest synthetic fibers. Good thing he didn't get that smoke to close or "Whoosh"...flame on. :)

What the hell were we thinking in the 70's?
Ok..all of the old photos on AOL are gone..but these qualify as cheesy...from a couple of years ago at Christmas:

My Mom and my niece (she looks just like my sister at this age) You can tell where old mac gets his sense of humor from...looking at the smile on mom's face.


My father, the great man...doing what he does best now...:)

For me, some of my favorite ones are of my father in Vietnam. Unlike a lot of people who went through hell there, he can talk about it. He lost his best friend to a Bouncing Betty. It took him until now to come to the conclusion that that war was a waste and terrible expenditure of human life. He struggled with this notion because it's humiliating to think that it was all for naught, that his best friend died for nothing (which isn't true). But, when you look back, and realize that it never needed to happen, it sure feels that way.

My dad was born a skirt chasing meat-head, but with advancing age, has turned into a very profound philosopher. It's extraordinary, because it's happened right before my eyes over the past decade.




Well this is the only old photo I could dig at 5 after I gave myself a haircut the day before the big portrait photo day:


Lord knows that innocence would have turned into a guy that would wear a hat like this:

This is one of the coolest photos you'll ever see. My father in front of his then brand new 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air convertible.