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Playing around with Nickelodeon's idea a bit - I like the proportions on the letters more with this.

I find Mr Anonymous' logo a little too wide, but otherwise I like it.

Oh, and the adjective is cliched, Cliche is a noun. :mad:
Kind of you to say, thank you.

BTW - I did think about the suggestion y'made earlier about the Thinker figure with the ape head - but really, at this scale, all y'end up with is the Thinker just looking a tad wrong in the head.

Not that that isn't without it's merits mind.... :)

PS: geodesic - Ta. Personally I agree, but scales easy enough to fix - it's weather or not one can live with a design in general terms first that matters at the moment. Do like nic's logo also.
The maths set wouldn't like it - too much of a biology and philosophy bias. Have you not noticed, preferences tend to be following discipline interest...? ;)
Well this is the best I could do using MS Paint. :eek: I dont know how the hell Hapsburg can stand the bloody thing.

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Hmm, there's a thought - we should get Hapsburg to design Sciforums a coat of arms. And as a member of the maths/physics set, I wouldn't mind a skeletal thinker, but I wouldn't have thought it's do-able at the scale.
ToR: Afraid that's a little beyond my talents, however, I found this:

Also playing around with river-wind's little composition, I came up with this:

Spurious, I like it!
I think Thinker is too complex to make into a logo:

edit: further simplification, still too complicated:


edit: removed dumb question.
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I think Thinker is too complex to make into a logo:

great images, did take me a while to 'focus' even though I knew what it represented so yes drawn like that a tad too complicated, if it could be made more obvious would look good though. Keep working on it ;) I jest, you did a great job already.
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